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Recycled Kauri Pine timbers

Kauri Pine timbers were supplied to FH Boats for the current Restoration of a bridge deck cruiser called Mahita.  Mahita was designed by AC Barber and built by Campling and Fisher of Lavender Bay in 1928. Images sourced at  :  

Recycled Timber

Since 1985 Kenney Pierce Timber have been  recycling timber  from trees hundreds of years old. And they haven't cut down a single tree! That's because Kenney Pierce are pioneers in the  recycled timber  business. Kenney Pierce Timber is always top quality aged  recycled timbers  - gathered from demolished woolstores,  bridges, warehouses - in fact anywhere that precious materials from the past can be found.  Old native timbers like: Jarrah, Ironbark, Spotted Gum, and Blackbutt, Redgum, even old growth Oregon suitable for joinery.  Whatever you need, we can get it for you. Timber services ranging from: Recycled Timber Victoria | Timber Recycling | Recycled Timber Sales | Timber Machining  Solid Timber Benchtops | Solid Timber Joinery | De-nailing & Metal Detecting | Timber Victoria