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Recycled Timber Gates and Barn Style Doors - more on 'Projekt 3488'

Recycled Timber  'Projekt 3488'  in Warburton...Here we have a sunlit view of one of the Recycled Timber garden gates made by Kaya Kenney at Kenney Pierce Timber.  And below another view of the big barn style doors. Made by Mark Kenney   To give you an idea of scale -  here we see Mark working on the construction of them. Each door is 4 x 2 meters. 

Recycled Timber Bench Tops, Table Tops, Counter and Bar Tops

THINKING ABOUT Recycled Timber Bench tops, Table tops, Counter tops, Bar tops, Kitchen tops for your home, renovation, business venture or shop fitting? Kenney Pierce Timber make all sorts of gorgeous recycled timber tops suited to your needs, in our Solid Timber Joinery. Popular timbers include Oregon, Blackbutt, Messmate, Ironbark, Jarrah. It's inspiring to see the recycled timbers in the raw...... .....Go From This..... Mark Kenney de-nailing and detecting recycled Oregon To THIS!!!... Recycled Oregon Timber Table