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WWI Bridge-Layer Tank Wheels

We have a never-ending commitment to preserving timbers and bringing them back to life. Kenney Pierce Timber was part of an amazing project that gave us the opportunity to not only preserve some gorgeous timber, but also preserve a part of Australia's history.  We were tasked by the Australian Army Tank Museum with the incredible job of restoring these World War I Bridge-Laying-Tank wheels.  This is how the wheels were brought to us deteriorating with age and damage. We replaced the small wheels with Queensland Spotted Gum and the large wheel with a Turpentine Pier Post. The following 8 photos are the progressive stages of machining the T urpentine Pier Post.

The Modern Home

 We were lucky to work with a local from Seymour to bring old into new with this recently built residential home. With  clean lines and dark shades, the gorgeous  Kenney Pierce Timber recycled timber pieces are so eye-catching.  Starting with this fantastic statement entrance. Once you walk through our recycled Messmate front door you will find a large, modern  10-seater  recycled Messmate table top made by our lead joiner Kaya Kenney. You will also discover Messmate lining boards supplied by us, creating colour, texture and contrast in this sleek black kitchen.