Friday, October 25, 2013

Timber Stock

We've just added a stock list, go to our STOCK page on the top navigational bar.
Here's a taste for the mean time:



1. 300 x 75 Messmate (RARE)
( Rare size) Great for stair treads. Dressed, this gorgeous messmate would be 275 X 65, solid, one piece, no need for laminate. Perfect for thick table and bench tops also.
Lengths: 3.6 meters.

2. 300 x 75 Blackbutt (RARE)
Amazing size (Very rarely found). Perfect for Stair treads, thick table and bench tops.
Lengths: Up to 3.6 meters.

3. 150 x 50 Red Iron Bark
Perfect furniture and joinery timber. Fire Rated joinery timber eg: doors and windows. Great for bar tops, bench and table tops.
Lengths: Up to 7 meters.

4. 200 x 38 QLD Spotted Gum
Not to be compared with NEW Spotted Gum, this is a gorgeous, regular across the board, dark brown timber, Beautiful Stuff! Perfect for joinery, furniture, architectural timbers.

5. 185 x 85 QLD Kauri Pine (VERY RARE)
In 30 years of recycling, this is the first time we have stocked it, it is a very rare timber. When Oiled this beautiful old timber comes up a warm honey colour.
NOTE: When this timber stock was originally milled over 100 years ago, the timber most likely came out of trees over 1000 years old. We would never want to be a part of logging such ancient beauties, and for this reason we want to see this old-milled timber recycled and preserved instead of lost forever.
Perfect for Furniture and historically used in Boat building.
Lengths: Up to 4 meters.