Thursday, May 29, 2014

Recycled Timber Barn-style doors and 11 meter Tables!

Kenney Pierce Timber not only sell quality Recycled Timber Wholesale and Retail, we also make great stuff  and work on fantastic projects too!

Last year we were commissioned to work at a fabulous new special events space in Warburton called 'Projekt 3488'. We supplied the timber for window & door lintels, beams & shelving and with the craftsmanship of our talented Mark and Kaya, creating several barn-style doors and shutters, gorgeous gates and the huge 11 meter long, movable, sectioned table. 

The configurations and uses for this Table are many. It can be 4 individual tables, 2 tables, 1 table with two lowered to become bench seating, ONE Massive table or pushed to the walls to make them bench-seating while the center of the room becomes a dance floor. 
All Recycled Oregon, this table was made on site due to it's scale.

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INCLUDING this fabulous pic of the gorgeous Dami Im in front of the two - 2 x 4 meter Recycled Oregon Barn Style Doors made by Mark @ Kenney Pierce Timber!

Dami Im in front of Kenney Pierce Recycled Timber Barn Style Doors

Kenney Pierce Recycled Timber Barn Style Shutters

Kenney Pierce Recycled Timber Table as Bench seats @ Projekt 3488

Kenney Pierce Recycled Timber Table @ Projekt 3488

Kenney Pierce Recycled Timber Table @ Projekt 3488

Thursday, May 15, 2014

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Restoration of St.Pauls Cathedral Door - Melbourne - Kenney Pierce Timber

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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