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Recycled Hand Carved Hardwood Sink

Our Joiner and Production Manager, Kaya had fun with this job.  This was a rare opportunity to turn a large slap of recycled hardwood into one solid bathroom vanity top. 

The below photo shows the incredible labour that went into hand-carving the space where the sink will fit.



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Recycled Timber Gates and Barn Style Doors - more on 'Projekt 3488'

Recycled Timber  'Projekt 3488'  in Warburton...Here we have a sunlit view of one of the Recycled Timber garden gates made by Kaya Kenney at Kenney Pierce Timber.  And below another view of the big barn style doors. Made by Mark Kenney   To give you an idea of scale -  here we see Mark working on the construction of them. Each door is 4 x 2 meters. 

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Main House  Set against the dense green backdrop of Victorian rainforest sits this residential property which with any visit could be mistaken for the most luxurious retreat.  Kenney Pierce Timber provided every inch of timber the eye can see (and what the eye can't see). In this labour of love. You can see everything, from our Recycled Timber beams, doors and lining boards to the bench tops, table tops and pantry cupboards.  The construction of this main building began over 31 years ago by Mark Kenney one of the founders and now Director of Kenney Pierce Timber. The build had continually been updated and added to over the last three decades and had its final injection of love and work in 2019-20. You will see a variety of Kenney Pierce Timber's recycled timbers in the build and furnishings, such as Recycled Messmate, Jarrah, Ironbark, Oregon and Blackbutt to name a few.     Adjacent Cottage (Original Hermit Shack) This beautiful cottage was once the only dwelling originally on